Blown Glass Pumpkins
For whatever reason, blown glass pumpkins with curly, organic stems have become kind of a specialty for me. They are one of my most popular items. I sell lots of them in the Fall in the colors you would expect. But there's also a "Spring line" of blue, pink, turquoise and yellow pumpkins. Olive green and purple pumpkins tend to sell year round. Who'd a thunk?

The "jewel tone" pumpkins are transparent and made of one color, like the ones to the left. Specialty pumpkins require a little more work due to multiple color applications. They might be opalescent, streaky, mottled or covered in a thin layer of "frit" (finely ground glass color) to give them a unique color and "texture."

eated is a "fractured" pumpkin where the surface is crackled and stretched between the ribs which exposes a different color underneath.